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We love our job and our patients. Every day in Dental Studio we encounter new challenges which we manage to overcome. Patient’s interests and medical ethics always come first for us. Our priority is to inform a patient in a proper and detailed manner about their oral health, namely status of mouth and teeth, as well as to present them with all the options of improving or totally remedying their oral health status.
Naturally, it is important to us that each patient understands everything related to a diagnosis and therapy and feels confident and safe both in initial contact and during their treatment. In that respect, our working procedures are in compliance with standards and the law, complemented by data and documents in all phases.
We are thoroughly representing our commitment to a modern approach for maintaining an oral health and application of the latest technologies and continuous education. Our patients recognise and appreciate our efforts to keep pace with global trends.
After all that, next  comes aesthetics as a favourite part for us and a patient. The result is relying on health and visible in beauty.

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Vladimir Đurmez
Senior Radiology Technician

Marija Simović
Doctor of Dental Medicine

Kristina Đurić
Dental Assistant

Ivana Đukić
Doctor of Dental Medicine

Bojan Janjić
Specialist in Oral Surgery and Oral Implantology

Divna Grebenar
Dental Assistant

Bojana Golić
Doctor of Dental Medicine

Adrijana Đurić
Dental Assistant

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