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We operate and develop as a responsible private healthcare institution, adopting positive dental practice, meeting professional standards, complying with the laws of the Republic of Serbia, observing employee rights and operating on the corporate social responsibility standards.

We have been growing with a clear mission and vision of development. All the trends in the modern dentistry world have been followed here, in Dental Studio. In every year of operation, we have been adapting to achievements in dentistry. We have been investing in know-how and technologies. With our partners and suppliers, we have developed relations based on trust and, at mutual satisfaction, we are a representative user of the most relevant global dentistry brands. We have all the required diplomas, certificates and licenses, and the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia has rewarded us with the status of a representative dental office for health tourism. We have the capacity to perform all dental services.

However, people, both our patients and our staff, are our most important asset.

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Dental orthopan X-ray at RSD 1,000 RSD until end-October

Now you can obtain the service of all types of dental X-ray imaging in Dental Studio. Dental Studio for dental X-ray imaging has started operating and providing the service for all those who need it, whether they are our patients or not. The service prices range from RSD 500 for a retro-alveolar X-ray to RSD 6,000 for a 3D X-ray of the maxilla and mandible. Until the end of October, the price of an orthopan X-ray will be RSD 1,000 RSD. The imaging procedure is quick and precise, and you dentist gets a digital image almost immediately. You can take a short break from daily tasks and the hectic urban rhythm in our Dental Studio. Welcome!

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Changing Lives One Smile At A Time!

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